Fashion, Luxury & Beauty

The fashion and luxury industry is among the pioneers in the application of blockchain technology and NFTs. From digital twins of limited series of clothes to designer skins for videogames, through NFT series dedicated to fans and collectors, there are already many examples.

Expand and solidify your positioning in the fashion market with NFT-Commerce technologies: we will follow you both in the technological development and in the creative and graphic part.

Digital Twin

Sell or auction exclusive models on popular marketplaces

Countless fashion and luxury brands have already taken this route: special or limited collections are released in dual physical and digital forms. The combination of non-fungible tokens with their physical counterparts is used to attract consumers worldwide and broaden their target audience, winning over audience segments interested in the latest trends and experiments.

The actual dress sees sold through auction or NFT sale and associated with the digital version, such as a paper pattern rendering. In this way, the luxury sector can then operate on the markets for the actual clothes, but also on their digital version, which becomes transferable on the respective dedicated marketplaces.

Videogame & Metaverse Skins

Offer new customization possibilities on decentralized platforms

Skins are clothes, accessories and gadgets that avatars within videos or decentralized digital spaces wear to characterize themselves, just as in reality. The NFT market in this area is booming.

More and more major brands are already selling with wide success their clothing items that are subsequently worn by players within virtual arenas. ESPORTS players, who are comparable to the world’s most famous athletes in terms of compensation, receive sponsorships in the form of NFT. With Augmented Reality, which overlays digital images onto the real world, your customers can also “wear” the digital goods they purchase.

Beauty Communities

Retain your customers and promote your beauty products via NFT

NFTs enable cosmetics brands to create, develop and activate communities, serving as a customer loyalty mechanism and increasing engagement with the product offered.

This technology can also be applied to send invitations to events in the real world as well as in the virtual world, incentivizing the exclusivity of the offers and collections offered. In the beauty world, NFTs can be used for merchandising drops, but also as a cross-promotion tool for co-designing new products in collaboration with prominent personalities and other brands.