Adidas dives into the Metaverse with an NFT collection

The Metaverse has opened up a new frontier in fashion and manufacturers are looking forward to exploring it far and wide. One of these is certainly Adidas which, with its first collection of wearable NFTs, has won over fans.

adidas metaverso
The artistic style adopted shows a certain resemblance to the Bored Ape and CryptoPunks aesthetics.

NFT Wearables

Your avatar in the metaverse certainly can’t go around naked, can it? Web 3.0 users therefore need NFT clothes and fashion houses have understood their potential. Adidas, like other brands before, has therefore launched a new all virtual collection, composed of 16 pieces available for purchase directly on the most important marketplaces and usable, for example, on Decentraland.


Is this the future?

This new project dedicated to the world of virtual fashion is a further step towards the adoption of Web 3.0 in the sector. We can expect that many other NFT projects on clothing and accessories will come to life in the months and years to come: an opportunity for smaller brands to immediately carve out a space all their own in the metaverse.